Your Sacred Space

Space is sacred. Space illuminates the truth, it unravels the fears, and it guides us to the paths we never knew existed and shows us that it is safe to walk them. It is through finding space that we can be who we need to be for ourselves, we can fully support ourselves, hold, comfort and love ourselves without the distraction of helping others. In space, there is no distraction from all that we are. Space is a gateway to the realizations we need, to find the answers we seek. When we create space, we get back to ourselves, we separate what our own needs are away from anyone else’s, and we place ourselves in the drivers seat again, when so often we find ourselves as the passenger in life. In space, our guards are dropped, we are totally liberated from external opinions, assumptions or the judgements of others, we merely sit with all of our energy and we own just that, as it is.

Honoring the space you create is the essential entrance into knowing yourself, because you are not absorbing anything outside of what you are, you are creating four mirrored walls of just yourself and you are reflecting your magnificence again and again, allowing it to repeat itself in every direction. Space carves us out of the parts of life that might not be serving us, decisions that might not be for our highest good, or the people that might be holding us back on our journeys. It is in this sacred space that we learn the skills to maneuver away from the parts of life that lead us astray from who we are and what we want. It allows us to reconnect with our authenticity or from those that stop us from sharing it with the world. Create space to find the magic. Create space at the times you might feel lost. Create space in the moments when you are feeling empty, as there is always so much power within the sacred space of silence that can fill us with the answers and direction that we are looking for.

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