Twin Flame Runners: The love from your past, is it meant to be?

Are you still in love with the person from your past? Do you question why it’s so difficult to let go.  Why is it difficult to let go of the love you have for someone, in your past.

When you are feeling no love for anybody in your present life, if you feel you can’t find that fire of romance with no other Person, than the one you use to be with, than there’s a serious issue, if your heart still yearns for that special someone, who’s no longer in your present, if you constantly dream think, or feel theme near, , stop dating immediately. You have a twin flame connection in your life, that hasn’t been resolved. These issues won’t be corrected by anyone else, except your twin flame, when these 2 souls come together, it is the most emotional, spiritual and romantic awakening, in anyone’s life, it is rare to meet your twin flame, in most cases the universe feels some people aren’t prepared for the potent love that twin flames share, it is extremely emotionally difficult the deepest heart break, you will have ever experienced, the most profound relationship that will ever come into your life, the deepest desire and passion, and love you could feel for someone is a twin flame. Twin flames can go through years of hardships, break ups and make up, and than finally come together in marriage. It is a constant win and lose situation, it is the most imperfect love, but it just feels right to those, who have experienced this deep connection.

Understanding the basics of reunion with your ex twin flame.

1: Learning to accept yours or your partners fears.  There is no way around it, one twin flame is strong and ready for the power of this relationship, and the other is afraid come fused, and lost in what they are experiencing, this is what we call a runner and a chaser in the spiritual community. And if you see yourself as the runner, than it’s time to stop being afraid and accept the love you feel for your twin flame, and if you are the chaser give your twin flame, time to think things through as clear as possible. So they could overcome there moments of emotional disruption.

2: Speaking up for yourself.  Sometimes partners in twin flame relationships, can become selfish so being vocal on what you need is important, you must say what it is that’s required to make things work, twin flames can especially become afraid to speak up, and this will only call for failure in the end, being vocal and standing to your truth is important, Always remain the knowledge, of the twin flame connection. When you start to forget that you have a spiritually blessed union, that others weren’t blessed by the universe to have, that’s when complications come about, the love is deeply magnificent and something that could, make anyone believe in spirituality, however when you don’t appreciate your connection, that’s when the universe can become upset, and bring discipline into the relationship, which can build karma and issues, to remind you of the gift you have with your partner, and never take it for granted, sometimes the universe wants you to break up with your twin flame, to experience what it’s like not to have theme in your life, so when you both do reunite not only will you be more grateful and caring, to keep things going in the relationship, but you will also learn the spiritual side of things, this is the constant teaching and evolution of the universe in our lives, helping us to grow and expand our consciousness, and personal growth, not only in love but in all areas of life.

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