The Full Moon is Here!

It is a Virgo Full Moon on Sunday March 12th!
17201159_710720225763438_7116806733369656674_nThe full moon is a powerful time for inner work. If we’ve been overdoing something the   moon brings these issues to the surface, perhaps in the form of some heightened emotion or maybe a quiet, inner pull that something needs to be healed and released if you’re going to move forward feeling freer and happier. Some of us feel the lunar energy stronger than others depending on our chart but we’re all impacted in some way. This month the full moon is in Virgo, serving up a great dose of anxiety if we’ve been neglecting an important area of ourselves OR motivated energy if channeled into practical plans to let go of those things  just not working for us anymore. The moon opposes the sun in Pisces so finding a balance between being down to earth and allowing yourself to dream helps harness the opportunity. Virgo is about routines, health, work and goals. It’s about doing what’s necessary to improve yourself and your life. This is a great opportunity for those of us willing to do some work and to make concrete plans for something greater. Release any emotional or physical struggles left over from the recent lunar and solar eclipses. Forgive yourself if you feel you’ve fallen short in some area and practice gratitude for the good things in your life. This will clear blockages and allow for greater possibilities when the Aries new moon comes around in two weeks.

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