Soulmates Made Simple

Soulmates.  I have been feeling very passionate about this topic lately especially since so many of my clients have been asking questions such as “how does one identify with their soulmate? And know if the person they are with is their soulmate.”

Well the truth is there is no right or wrong answer to this question, because though yes everyone has a soulmate not everyone ends up with their soulmate.  Some people can find their life partner and have a perfectly content complete and happy life.

So the real question here is how to tell if you have found your soulmate and or just your partner? And how to be content complete and happy in either event? 

Its simple. It doesn’t matter which one you end up with.  It matters who you have a connection with. It is true that a soulmate connection is the most strong and intense connection you have ever felt in your life or ever will feel in your life and that is the best way to identify if you have connected with your soulmate.  The communication, the connection, the love it will all be there and be on.

In the event that you are with your partner the connection can be good but nowhere near as strong as a soulmate connection.  However you can still have a long term happy healthy and in-depth  relationship with a partner.   The important thing is who you feel connected to and who you feel that special love for you.

And another important thing to remember is that every relationship requires work, time, patience and effort from both ends. Every relationship will have differences that needs to be put aside and if each of you are willing to put those differences aside in the relationship, the relationship can be awesome in any event.

I hope this was a help and that you found the answers you were looking for me you always be guided by love light and peace and many blessings.

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