Questions Not to Ask the Tarot cards: What and what not to ask

The Tarot cards work from love, therefore you need to word your questions wisely to get the answers you need.

Here are some examples of questions NOT to ask.

When will I get married?

Should I take the job?

Does my ex dislike me?

When will he leave her?


It is productive and much more positive to ask questions like:

How can I overcome this problem?

What do I need to know to help me through this?

What do I need to do to achieve this?

How can I improve this situation in my life?


Coming from a loving place, regardless how awful you feel,  is often a very positive road to take.  You will be surprised at the wisdom the cards reveal, when love is present in your heart and you are searching for the truth in any given situation that life may hand you.  Their answers are genuine and very very informative.

It is a good way to attract positive people and events into your life.  It is said, water seeks its own level and raising your vibratory level to a higher conscienceness can only improve the events that happen in your life.  Free your mind of thought, and only breathe in for seven counts and out for seven

Counts, slowly for 5 times before you formulate your question. This will focus your attention on the task at hand, which will be coming up with your question.  Write whatever comes to mind, then keep only the questions you really like.  Use them in asking your advisor’s advise.  It will improve your chances of clarity and may give you a whole new outlook on the situation.

You tell your advisor the problem.  The advisor feels the problem.  Then I (advisor, everyone is different),  I take the feeling and give it to the cards when I shuffle,  they reveal things to me, so I can do the reading for you.  Sometimes, all the answers come up right away when I do the readings!

Again, that is how I do it.  Everyone is different.

All we ever really want to know is the truth of things.  Only then can we make an informed decision about things.  Knowledge is power, but we also have to accompany it with the correct action.  Improving communication is a worthwhile study you can start anytime.  The younger the better.  It improves with age, and gets more rewarding over time.

Blessings, Goddess Sina –  Sina is available daily at My Tarot Advisor for insight and guidance into your most important questions!

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