Questions about Love? How to effectively ask the Tarot!


There are literally thousands of questions you can ask that will work really well for a Tarot reading.

The main thing to bear in mind is that the question itself has the power to move you forward (or keep you stuck) and you really want to try to harness this power before you lay the cards out for a reading.  Any question that helps you make focused and proactive choices to reach your goals are fabulous.

  1. FOR SINGLES SEEKING TO MANIFEST A RELATIONSHIPHow am I blocking love in my life right now and what can I do to release this block?    This is SO much better in terms of helping you manifest your desire than asking ‘When will I meet Mr Right?’ which is passive and mainly keeps you stuck in old patterns of relating. Yes, you may still meet someone but it will be another Mr Wrong. Guaranteed.
  1. FOR ANY RELATIONSHIP (old or new) – What is my partner mirroring back at me that I’m not wanting to own? (I.e. what am I projecting here?)   This is looking at relationships from the point of learning rather than ‘getting.’ It could be either a Shadow aspect (negative) or Golden Shadow (positive) that you project for fear of owning your own power.
  1. FOR A NEW RELATIONSHIP – On this new journey, what is the first relationship lesson we will encounter and how can I best equip myself to deal with it? What do you think would happen if we all asked this rather than ‘Will he love me forever and be the father of my babies?’
  1. FOR AN ONGOING LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPHow can I help get the fun and excitement back into this relationship? This immediately shifts the focus away from what we may perceive the other person is doing wrong. (Let’s face it the ‘blame game’ gets old quite quickly!)
  1. FOR ENDING A RELATIONSHIP – How can I complete this journey in the most healing and loving way possible?  Again, is there really a need for blame? Relationships end for all sorts of reasons. It’s not the end of love and it need not even be the end of friendship if we allow our Higher Selves to take the driver’s seat rather than the ego

Keep these above thoughts and questions in mind the next time you are asking about a love or relationship question with your favorite tarot reader at My Tarot Advisor App!

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