New Moon Wishes Await You

nm-picOn the day of a New Moon, you should wipe the slate clean and plant new seeds. In astrology, New Moons have everything to do with new beginnings.  New moon is happening Monday March 27 10:57 pm in est …. BUT….  In the 48 hours after the exact time of the New Moon (not a minute before), we can harness an energy that gives our goals and dreams extra oomph and staying power, says astrologer Jan Spiller, author of New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life.

If we want insane, terrifyingly amazing power to transform our lives, Spiller says, make a list of wishes right after the New Moon occurs:

For New Moon Power Wishes to come true they must be handwritten on paper, not typed on a typewriter or a computer. I have no idea why this is important, but years of experience with wishes have shown me what does and doesn’t work.

The wording of the wishes is also very important — they must be clearly stated so that the “feeling” behind the wishes comes though the words. Use your intuition. If, after you have written a wish, it feels “right” to you and evokes feelings of harmony and happiness, your wish is “on target.” However, if it doesn’t “feel right,” I would suggest changing the wording or even waiting until a different time to make that particular wish.

You may make a maximum of ten wishes on each Power Day. You may make less than ten, but it is important not to exceed this number, as it would disperse the energy too much for your individual wishes to have the power they need to come true. Perhaps the most potent method is to make several wishes in one or two areas where you want to see some major shifts.

The ideas that come to you on these days will not be based on linear thinking. The Angels hover close to the Earth during these time periods, and if you listen to your intuitive feelings with an open and innocent mind, on this day ideas about what will truly make you happy will come to you. It’s an extraordinary day!

I’ve always felt that the process of making a vision board is very effective in starting an energy vortex that pulls desired feelings and experiences into our lives, so I put these New Moon days to good use by making my vision board. I pull out old magazines and newspapers, and collage words and images of what I want to feel in different areas of my life.

A wish expressed with clarity and faith becomes a powerful intention with miraculous effects.

Ask for what you want. Don’t just hope that you’ll get the miracle. Expect and prepare to receive it. Having greater faith in the inevitability of miracles accelerates their arrival.

Get wishing! (But only after the exact time of the New Moon! Not a minute before!)

content excerpt from Jordan Bach Click here for full article

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