Meet Laura At My Tarot Advisor

My Name Is Advisor Laura.  I Have Over 10 Years experience being a psychic reader and advisor, I have been born blessed with my gift. Helping people and advising them on there life journeys has became a passion of mine. I absolutely love what I do. Allow me to tell you all a little bit about my self.  I am born and raised in Texas, I do have my own psychic shop where I provide Tarot card readings and I also sell candles and crystals. I also do psychic readings at Halloween parties, Festivals, fairs, etc… family is also from Texas so when I am not to busy with my clients I like to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. I also do plan on traveling out of the country soon and share my psychic gift with the rest of the world. Thank you all so much for taking the time out and getting to know me. I hope to hear from you soon, Love And Light..Laura Xo

What other kinds of gifts and and abilities do you have other then (tarot card readings)? Not only do I do tarot card readings. I am also a PSYCHIC MEDIUM witch means I can connect with someone who has passed, I do feel and see spirits, so if your wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed and find out who your guardian angel is I can definitely connect with that spirit for you. Over all I have been born gifted with every psychic abilities there is, I do tarot cards. Palm readings. Aura readings. Crystal ball. Psychic medium. Pet readings, Claireaudience, And Much More!!

When did you desire to read the tarot and your abilities first appear, At what age and how did you work with it? Did anyone mentor or teach you?  I started having desire to read the tarot cards at around 9 years old. But I have been gifted since birth. So my whole life I have always had so much energy I have always felt things and knew things at a very young age, I will say around 5 years old I would tell my mother and grand mother that I feel things for people and I’m having visions. And I always had some kind of connection to my grandmothers angel tarot cards, now remember at the time I was literally 5 years old. I would pick up the tarot cards and start reading them I was so confused I didn’t know what I was feeling. But with the help of my grandmother and my mother they helped me and coached me and told me that I am gifted and I have the ability to help people and read people and that what I am feeling and seeing is my god gifted gift and when I get older I would learn more how to work with it. So as I got older my gift got stronger not only was I connected to the tarot cards but then I started becoming clairaudient and I started connecting with spirits. As I got older it became a passion of mine. I have became a LOVE specialist, clairvoyant and clairaudient. And many years later I am proud to say that I am a 3rd generation psychic.

What do your family and friends think of you doing tarot? My family and friends think its amazing, My friends always ask me to do there tarot card readings, and my family Are very proud that I got so far with my gift and all the people I have helped and They are so supportive and so happy for me. Im truly blessed with the best family and friends.

How have your readings helped you to be a better person.  My Readings and just being a psychic advisor in general has helped me become such a better person and to be supportive of everyone and to never judge anyone because you you never no what that person is going through, my readings has made me have a lot of Love and emotion in my heart and made me see things so much more clear and understanding and made me want to Be there for someone and help them as much as I can. It just helped me grow so much better as a person.

What is your intention and motivation for doing this kind of work. My intentions is to help and advise as many people as I can to be there for them and continue sharing my passion and my gift with the world. My motivation comes from knowing that I have helped someones life and I have bring happiness And peace of mind to that person And the love and trust my clients have in me. It means everything to me And keeps me so strong and motivates me to never give up..

What can people expect from a tarot reading with you?  Do you do a particular spread or do you provide time frames? Everyone is different every reading is different, with some people I get Time frames and with some people I don’t. I do spread the tarot cards a couple different ways. Like I said every reading is different with different people. One thing I can assure is that my client will feel Very happy and uplifted and definitely given the clarity and answers they was seeking for after a reading done with me .

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