Marriage and Relationships for 2018 (And What to Expect!)

The theme for 2018 for marriage and relationships is a lot of psychical connections. Mostly past and twin flame connections.  There are going to be a lot of numerous disruptive breakups happening in this year. There is a big need to shift and for the couples in reunion and to rekindle to awaken fully to find their purpose.
Soul mate connections seem to be expanding on a more deeper level then ever before. 2018 seems to be a very strong year indicating that engagement proposals, marriage and baby energies are again to continue in this year but more stronger than 2017.
Celebs will all be competing one way or another, a famous well known couple is due for a split in 2018, they have two kids together and I do see another baby that’s showing up here, whether that’s a pregnancy we already know or not spirit is not being clear on this part. But the female individual is married to a well known singer/artist and has her own beauty range she has currently bought out.
The royal family expand with a birth of a baby girl in this year of 2018 and also one announces a pregnancy that may come across a little shocking but not so.
There is a need of power from females in relationships this year. Females will be wearing ‘the trousers’ more than the males. Which means the males are awakening more and understanding the females perspectives on things when it comes to love and understanding. There feels to be a lot more compassion coming to relationships in this year.
But we hate to break it too you – divorces strike as well the ones that seem to be divorcing are most likely to have got married in the year of 2016 and 2017 as this would be a part of their karmic lessons and cycles coming to a full circle and ending. Sad to say that this is happening. But a lot of twin flames married other people and realize they finally don’t belong there anymore. Defiantly more awakenings then there was in 2017.
Over tall 2018 has a new fresher vibe for relationships and marriages and that people will finally be partnered up to their matches and people will be following their rightful paths in this year.
Many Blessings and I am here to help you with all your questions about Marriage and Relationships for the coming year!

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  1. I have been relationship with my boy for last three years .. he lives in Belgium and I m in Sydney .. I went visited him last may for one month and stay with him . We planned to get marry move to Sydney with me .. so, we told our parents and family members and friends and love ones .i came back to Sydney .. we talked 2 to 3 times in day for every day … we talked one night as usual.. next morning I send him messages and he didn’t reply my message.. I thought he might be busy .. it’s been like this for few days .. one day he reply and said I m sorry I hv been busy and my sis ‘s husband is hving a affair with other woman .. I can’t leave my sis like this with her 7 moths old baby alone .. so, I decided that I can’t come if you can come here that be great .. first I refused to go because, we made plan that he is moving here in Sydney .. so, one day I reply him that ok I will move to you in Belgium .. but, he said don’t worry about to move here .. stay there .. you are very good lady and I don’t wanna waste ur time with me and I don’t deserve you .. than I was like WHAT R U TALKING? Than I decided to go to visit him .. so, I flew to Belgium in 22 December 2017 when I reached there he was not happy with me … I asked the reason .. he said I told u not to come here .. than I asked hv I done something wrong ? He said .. you didn’t do anything wrong .. i m the cheated on you .. I was like again WHAT ? He said yes I met this girl and we had a relationship and had sex as well .. I was so shocked and crying a lots ..I give his ring back and told him to give this to ur new girl friend .. he put his knee down and said sorry for many times .. I asked him that are you planing to marry this lady ? He said no .. just love .. so, I leave there with him for almost ten days .. I told him that I can’t give up our relationship very easily .. I knew that you still had feeling for me .. and I told him that I v givd two moths time to think about our relationship.. he said I really like this ideal .. thank you .. while I was there with him for ten days we had a several times sex .. three days before I came back to Sydney he sounds like he wants to come to me again … because. He send me his suitcases with me in Sydney and said don’t borrow to any one because, I love this suitcase keep in save I v use once I m there in Sydney .. I was shocked did u just said that .. he said yes .. but he needs some time to talk to that girl because, one stage she cut her hand .. because on new year eve he was with me and refused to go with her than she was upset and cut herself .. he drop me to air port and kiss me many times and said I v see you soon .. don’t be to emotional..
    I love him so much and font wanna lost him.. I really don’t no is he really wants back to me ?

    1. Hi Passang– you can ask this question at our app – download free today from itunes or google play store and your first question is free for a mini reading!
      We look forward to assisting you!

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