How to Channel the Angels

Angels are beings that come directly from the Universe or from the Divine source. Angels help us to gain insight on our lives or if we want insight on our life purpose. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew exactly how to channel the angels or your guides? You can connect to them and help your friends or family receive messages and give others a peace of mind.

Guardian Angels

Just imagine the amount of clarity you would receive every single day, by being able to help give angelic guidance in someone’s life. Every decision that you make will be supported and guided by the support of the angels. Imagine knowing that you can have your guardian angels right there, right beside you, offering love and support. The purpose of our guardian angels are to guide us and assist us during our life lessons. Guardian angels are the first we contact to get to the angel realm. Guardian angels are heavenly spirits that are assigned to us during our lives, from God himself, according the the book of Psalms in the bible. They are like our body guards! It is said we are given one throughout each stage of our life. For example, one given during our childhood stage, one during our young adult stage, and another at our adult/elderly stage. Although we may have different guardian angels are different point in our lives, one role is still the same: they are here to keep us safe and guide us.

So how do Angels communicate with us?

Angelic insight can come in many different forms. The most popular of forms are through visions. Daydreaming, visions through sleeping, or waking up from a dream are all popular methods that they love to communicate to us then. They love to simply because we are most in our dream state and in that state, our ego is not in the way of manipulating anything for us. Channeling angelic messages are the way to angelic insight.

Developing a relationship with the Angels

It is very important to first develop a relationship with the angels, guides, guardian angels. Angels are nonjudgmental and have no opinion or interest when it comes to religion. They understand that we all are one in the eyes of the divine source and under the universe. You can create a loving and personal relationship with them all based on faith in them. Plus, as a perk, channeling messaging to these lovely angelic beings will increase your spiritual awareness, allowing us to connect to source, and gain insight; and if you want, you can then start to give insight to others too!

How to channel the Angels

Relax and Trust. When you call upon the angels there is no reason to be afraid or fear that you will not be answered to. The angels always answer your calls. It’s important to make sure your energy is aligned and balanced. Angels cannot work with fluttered and unbalanced energy. Relax and open your heart and mind so that your vibration can resonate with heaven. If you need help grounding yourself, call upon Archangel Michael to ground you and clear away all negative thoughts and help you to stay relaxed.

Open your heart. It’s almost time to call upon the angels. Let go of your fears and any negative thinking stored in your mind. Release any attachments such as outcome or idea that you may have.

Summon your guardian angel or spirit guide. It is time to ask the angels to come in your presence and into your space. Ask them to fill your space with God’s love, love, or light energy, etc.

Write down your question. Get ready and grab your paper and pen or if you can’t open a word document on your computer so you can get started jotting down so questions. Write them clear and concisely. Be clear about what you want to know. Remember you want to receive accurate guidance when channeling them. Remember to turn off your ego and clear your mind! It may seem silly or like no one is listening but trust, the angelic realm is listening and they are excited to know that you are finally seeking a connection with them. Don’t try to judge what is coming through, just be in the present, and enjoy that you are finally communicating with the angels.

Meditation. You will receive your message from them. Whether it’s later during the day or during that week, it is always answered. Trust and have faith.

Any information that is uplifting and inspiring is usually from the angels. Release anything that does not feel right. No need to judge or get upset if you did not receive anything right away. All it takes is practice! Congratulations, you can now channel them. Now allow the messages of light and guidance to flow freely now!

Love & light~ Ariel

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