Balancing Your Heart Chakra

If you have suffered a heartbreak or repetitive disappointment in your love life you may have felt like throwing in the towel when it comes to love. Without properly healing from your past, you can carry emotional baggage into your next relationship without realizing it, therefore causing a pattern of the same issues. This is sometimes done subconsciously and we feel that everyone else is the problem instead or that we are a “magnet” for bad energy. When unsuccessful in love, it can feel as though we are not worthy of true love and if this goes on too long then it begins to affect your heart chakra causing it becomes imbalanced. Listed below are a few signs:


  • Feeling down about yourself and having a low vibration
  • Severe trust and abandonment issues
  • Fears or anxieties about entering in a new relationship
  • Anticipation of being hurt (believing that it will happen in a matter of time)
  • Finding it almost impossible to move on from a past relationship

As an advisor and an empath, It is very difficult to hear from a client who is hurting and so deeply wants love but because of a painful past, unable to recieve it. Everyone has experienced heartache but not everyone recovers the same. For some, they may  move on rather quickly but for others, it may take months for emotional damage to begin to get better. I wanted to share some useful tips on ways to balance and cleanse your heart chakra so that you will not only heal but attract the right person and the love you have always wanted.

My very first tip is: FORGIVE YOURSELF. If you were on the recieving end of being decieved or betrayed, forgive yourself for trusting that person. Refrain from speaking negative about yourself or blaming yourself from the outcome.( i.e. calling yourself stupid or belittling yourself based off the actions of someone else.) You may not have deserved what happened but  forgiving that person and especially forgiving yourself will free you of resentment and all negative emotions you may be harboring.

My next tip is: PRACTICE SELFLOVE. In order to recieve love YOU must first love yourself and treat yourself as you want to be treated. If you don’t feel or think highly of yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to. Love within projects the energy for others to love you as well. Speak highly of yourself with daily affirmations, never put yourself down and if you find yourself doing so, quickly re-route your thinking in a more postive light. When you value yourself and truly love yourself, you are giving yourself the most beautiful gift and the universe will respond in the same manner.

My last tip is: CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION. This is easier said than done but instead of focusing on what happened or the person or situation that hurt you shift your mindset to the person you DO want and the love life you DO desire instead of constantly thinking about what you DO NOT want. When you focus on the lack or the negative, you are projecting that type of energy and this is not what you want to do. I always say, even as an adult, it is important to keep your childlike imagination because when you visualize what you want intensley, it will happen. Because the universe only picks up emotions and energy, if you dwell on the past or the negative, you are actually asking the universe to grant you more of it. This is why it is very imperative to be careful how you think or feel.

Everyone is worthy of love and one bad experience does not dictate your future or your self worth. I hope that this is helpful in your journey to healing and that you are able to manifest the love that your heart and as always love and light!  Rhonda  xoxo  ~Available at My Tarot Advisor for Live Chat And Video Tarot Readings

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