2018 TarotScope

2018 Overview TarotScope

Today Fern gives us the TarotScope Overview Card for the entire year of 2018. While Fern is not available at My Tarot Advisor currently, she is available at our sister-app PsychicTxt

 Aries – Ace of Pentacles – Think of 2018 as being a year of opportunity for you, life has its hand outstretched with your dreams, all you must do is take that jump to grab it! This card usually represents new jobs, new pregnancies, or new relationships. So, if you’re ready for some change, this is the year to act on it.

Taurus  Queen of Wands – This new year shows a time to be bold, like your passions to their fullest, and let this guide you to becoming warmer, exuberant and satisfied with your path. This light spread from you to others as you inspire those around you to live their truth as well.

Gemini – Five of Swords – Be aware of winning at all costs, and leaving those behind in your wake for being ‘right’. While it can be very satisfying to feel victory in an argument, who are you ostracizing with your efforts? Especially as the political and economic climate come more into chaos this year, be cautious that your opinions don’t leave you all alone.

Cancer – Six of Pentacles – 2018 will be a year of success if your cards are played right, but remember that it wasn’t always that way! Don’t forget to help those around you who are struggling, as you have also had difficulties. Cancers are known for their very generous hearts, and even if you don’t feel financially able to give back, there is always plenty of love to give, and this world could use a little extra. Focus on where you can offer your place in your community this year.

Leo – Two of Swords – When two paths fork ahead of you, don’t get stuck on the decision that you don’t move at all. This year will be a big change for Leos, who are used to having some control over their life and surroundings. Remember, the only thing you can control is how you react, and how you respond to these changes. Don’t roar about what you cannot change, but focus instead on what options lie ahead!

Virgo – Temperance – 2018 is going to show more meaning for the Virgo, getting to the root of your purpose, your place, and really finding where you belong in this messy world. Being a 2 year, it’s all about opposing forces and finding balance within them, and the Virgo is going to take on this energy strongly. Finding balance in your immediate life is going to be the key to a smooth transition through this year.

Libra – Four of Swords – This year will be a time of inward reflection for you. You’ve worked hard, put lots of effort into your life, but now it’s time to rest. Step back and review, where have you made success for yourself? What has worked? What hasn’t? What changes would you like to see? Don’t stress to much on the how, but allow the goals and changes come to your mind.

Scorpio – Page of Cups – Look for surprises and unexpected events this year! This isn’t the time to stay stiff and solid, but to celebrate all the twists and unexpected turns our journey takes us on. This card can often mean surprise relationships, pregnancies, or friends who just appear into our lives. Look at the light in these situations, and don’t focus too much on the why or how!

Sagittarius – Five of Wands – Be aware of where you’re creating conflict in your life, especially with your goals. Maybe your attitude isn’t lining up with how you want to view your life, and the changes are about your perspective on life. The conflicts internally result in conflicts with others in your life, often those who are closest to you. Where can you find peace within yourself, so you can come to others from a place of peace instead of being always ready with a biting word?

Capricorn – The World – This year will show a lot of opportunity for closure in your life, and completing old cycles. This is a wonderful time to make plans for travel, and also just for freeing up old ties that no longer hold relevancy in your current life. This could be old friends or groups that you have outgrown. It could also mean the ending to a career path you feel you have gotten the most out of, but no longer offers you the same opportunities. Look for where you can close old ends to make way for new ones!

Aquarius – King of Swords – Let your mind take flight! Not that that is too hard for an Aquarius anyway, but during this year, you’ll feel it more so. Many ideas may come up, but only a few are worth your time and focus. Let your experiences weigh into your life and your decisions now. Let your gathered wisdom shine, and guide you through the new year.

Pisces –  The Hanged Man – Don’t be afraid to let go of whats no longer serving you anymore. This year shows a time to reflect, step back, and restrict yourself from what you have been comfortable and accustomed to. Sometimes release and acceptance is the only way forward. Holding on to an old flame in your heart that you hope will come back to you? It might just be time to let go of those expectations, so you can live your life to the fullest. Taking on a new perspective is healthy, and can help stagnant situations find a new way forward.

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