2018 Is A Great Year to Travel!

It’s an awesome time to travel in 2018!  It is predicted that you, yes , You will be traveling this year! Where to you ask? Anywhere your heart’s content! Most, importantly there’s no time like now! Don’t think of your travel plans as just another new year’s resolution to be jotted down on ketchup stained paper and buried away in a desk never to be seen again. Instead, think of traveling as a way to change your life’s script, and create your best life yet!

When you remove yourself from the same old script as in your routine, people, places, things, dialog, and experiences; it frees your mind to create and enjoy your life.

First of all, what many people fail to realize is that there really is no time like the present. The past and the future are actually an illusion like your favorite Matrix, Avatar, Inception, Doctor Strange and other related movies. You don’t have to take my word for it; scientists all over the world are talking about our reality actually being an illusion! So why not create your experience as you would like! You must first believe that you can, now…. not tomorrow or some distant future.

Once you realize that there is no time like now, that will begin to put your resolutions into reality to work for you. Where have you always wanted to travel, but never could quite make it there? Stop making excuses! If you say things with your powerful creator tongue like I don’t have enough money, enough time, enough courage then surely you never will!

Instead, know and speak with power that resources are attracted to you. Money comes to you in unexpected ways. Shout on the mountaintops of your bedroom that all the money, time, and courage you need to travel is yours! In fact, it really is waiting for you. Don’t just speak it, but also picture it in your mind. For example, if you want to travel to a tropical paradise, swim in the ocean with the dolphins, and feel the sun kiss your skin (that’s my special dream); then imagine just that. Go a step further and feel the emotions you would feel just like it’s happening right now.  The more and more you practice putting your imagination to work, you will be surprised that the dream becomes a reality in the now. You will be surprised that the resources are there to make it happen.

While you’re imagining daily, also put into practice practical ways to aid in your creations. Today, instead of spending $5 on that Latte-Mocha-Frappe-Sugar-Water J, etc., put that money into an envelope marked trip to wherever your heart desires. How much time working did it actually take to earn that $20 lunch, when perhaps you could’ve packed a lunch from home? How many new outfits, shoes, etc. do you really need every month? Wouldn’t you like to trade those business suits in for a bathing suit for your beach excursion? Are there things around the house you haven’t used in months that you could perhaps sale to add to your travel fund? Do what you can do now, and every day to use your money wisely so that you can spend it on the experience of traveling that you really want to have.

This is the year that you will believe in now! This is the year that you will travel, because by your will you make it happen! Go ahead and plan your trip itinerary to anywhere you want to go in the world because you are the master of your creation and experience!

Many Blessings On Your Journey ~ Roni

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